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Releasing Chaos and Addictions To Extremes!

Akashic records

You are ready to move onto calmer waters, this is the cue to release obsessive thoughts, feelings, behaviours and addictions to unpredictable, chaotic, toxic patterns. If you have been used to strong feelings and emotions, always being on your guard, always releasing all the fear hormones to feel alive, loved, worthy, then you have been on your flight, fight, freeze responses.

When we are used to being always on the look out for danger, then we get addicted to looking out for danger, we are in our survival mode. When there are extreme situations, we detach from our body so we do not feel the pain.

Over time, this becomes a normal response to situations, dissociating from our body, becomes a norm. When we come to calmer situations and people, this does not satisfy us, we need to extreme highs and lows to feel our feelings.
These extremes highs and lows can become a habit, if we do not know anything else, then it is our MO (modus operandi), this is our normal and when someone who can provide us this “normal”, we attach ourselves to them. We feed from this energy, we become addicted to this vibration of chaos, pain, suffering and toxicity.
When we heal our inner child wounds, we become aware of all the addictions to the extremes, this is when we can release it, doing the inner work is essential, there is no judgment here in recognising and doing the shadow work, in fact, it is imperative to do them. The first big step is to recignise that we have those addictions, Star ones, earth angels chose difficult families to be birthed in, we took on very heavy work, to heal them and us at the same time. We incarnated in homes where we elected to grow most, so we could release them. You have figured it out and are ready to release them completely. Enjoy your beautiful life!

Star One! Kiran G