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Clearing The Astral Planes!

This is a cue to clear your astral planes, some dark frequencies may have taken your astral plane hostage and you fear going there.
Your astral plane is where your energy goes to heal, where you rest, where you travel to when you are meditating and doing your magic. If this has been taken over by dark spirits, those who want to control or dominate you.

If you feel like you don’t know where the attacks are coming from, look into your astral layers and planes. Free your astral plane from the dark force that has taken it over.
Clearing your astral plane of people, entities, past relationships that took over your life, will help you become powerful.

There are lightcodes here, to clear your astral plane and become free of evil entities who have taken you over. Make sure you clear it, then you purify it, then you can take full control of it, so others cannot come and hurt you there, when you are astral travelling and doing all your magic in the etheric realms. It IS CLEAR!
Kiran G

Astral planes Cleared! Kiran G