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Clearing The Divine Feminine From Old Horrors!

The divine feminine has been riddled with old pain and horrors. Revisit your past to clear all that still haunts your present. A lot of pain and dark frequencies have been projected onto you, so you don’t rise. Make sure you clear them, see them first and clear them.
These are not yours, they have been implanted into your consciousness, perhaps because you did not want anything to do with someone dark and controlling and they then came back to hurt you in the astral planes.
If they have been harming you constantly, then, you have amassed their evil issues, frequencies and they have left you with dark spirits which haunt you to this day.
If you have made someone really angry, by perhaps rejecting their evil ass, they wanted revenge and they harmed you in all the possible way, in the astral planes.
By binding you to the ethers of the past, where all your pain are, they managed to control your soul and they did bad things to you through all kinds of dark manipulation and magic. It’s time to return all their evil back to them, return all their horror back to them, clear yourself, protect yourself, shield yourself, it is powerless in front on your super powers. Divine feminine clear yourself and RISE NOW!!!

Divine feminine clearing! Kiran G