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Nurture Your Shamanic Roots, Your Ancestors Are Here!

Your ancestors are saying they are now in a good place, they want to help you as well, you have helped them so much, you have brought them to a place of peace and light, now they are in a strong place to give to you. They are fierce and they mean business, they will look after you, the way you looked after them.
Clear your energy from the bad things that happened in the past. Keep clearing yourself, a good ritual every single day, will help you in clearing.
Also, pay attention to your dreams, they reveal everything you need to work on, these dreams are essential in your healing, they are bringing you insight in your dreams, these dreams allow you to reveal what is necessary to heal.
Ask your ancestors to reveal to you what you need to heal within yourself, they are here to help and to heal you, completely. If you wake up to a bad dream, this is the message they want to you to work on, they want you to know that by you becoming aware of this issue, dealing with it, you will be healthy again.
Thank the ancestors, guides, your spirits for the revellation and do not be scare of the healing. I wish you well on your journey of becoming whole, I command health and wealth for you. You are releasing very old pain, situations and dark forces from not only your life, but from the life of your ancestors as well. You are the great shaman, ancestar, they had been waiting for. They honour you and your path. They bring abundance to you, enjoy!!!

Your ancestors are here, you are the shaman and they want to honour you. Your ancestors are grateful that you are here, but they are also saying you have to allow them to help you, you have to allow them to give to you, if you have felt burdened all your life, they are here to give to you, allow them to give to you.
If you have been the only one struggling, trying everything to help, heal, save your ancestors from all the pain, suffering and bad things that happened, they are here to take the burdens away from you.

Your ancestors are here to help!