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Rituals Are Important For Clearing!

Do what’s important for you to stay healthy and wealthy. A good way to clear energy physically is to carry out some rituals, fire and water are powerful to clear.
Use your imagination to clear yourself every single day. The world is a dark place and there is fear everywhere you look currently.
The ancestors are saying to protect yourself, shield yourself, you know what to do. Use a protective shield around you every single day.
Wake up and shield yourself, shield your energy, your business, all your endeavours, your relationships, because when you are shining bright, a lot of eyes are on you, especially those who are not happy to see you prosper and grow.

Ask your guides and spirit ancestors to protect you, clear your energy everyday, so you are clear and can undertake your great mission.
You are ready and have done a lot of work to heal yourself and your ancestors. You are safe now and have come into calmer waters. Wear protective talismans, so no one can throw their own projections onto you. I command protection and super wealth for you! Kiran G

You are being protected by spirit!