When we have this deep inner pull, the feeling that we haven’t had a fair deal, always looking on the outside for something better, even though everything is fantastic in our life, this is a sign to heal the inner wounds of dissatisfaction.

This inenr deep yearning of there is something better elsewhere. Until and unless we heal this dissatisfaction, we can never be happy.
Water the grass where you are, your inner self, that grass which is thirsty inside of you, then life will become full of satistaction with what you have.
Have you noticed that you feel you deeply yearn for and desire something, once you have it, you still feel dissatisfied or even bitter, because it wasn’t what you were looking for. It may have even tainted your life more, instead of making it fuller or happier?
Fill that sadness, deep yearning with your love, fill your every sad part with your love, fill your dissatisfaction and emptiness with love. Feed your grass with your love and see yourself blossom. The grass is green where you are, it simply is a matter of changing your perception and seeing your patch of grass as healthy, green and well nourished.
Kiran G

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