The inner child wants to be healed and whole. When we have attachment traumas from our caregivers, if the care was not what we needed, then we form attachment traumas.
Star ones have a lot of attachment traumas and trauma bonds with others. It’s just because we never learnt the right way, we modelled our own self on others, which was not the right thing for us.
Star ones are very sensitive, we got hurt quite a lot, we are love beings and when others did not give us all the love and attention we deserved, we formed toxic bonds with others.
There are lot of attachments that we have formed with others, thinking or believing it to be healthy or love.
We choose the wrong people, situations because we are still very broken, we choose those who have traumas similar to us, we believe that love is where there is the most unpredictability, most chaos and pain. When we start to reparent ourselves, we realise that we had been doing it the wrong way all our lives. Once we form attachment traumas, trauma bonds, we don’t let go of it, believing that it is love. In fact it is co-dependency and addiction. We may even believe that we love others because we feel extremes, they make us feel alive with their unpredictable breadcrumbing, withholding love, not giving, abandonment, rejection and betrayals. Since we may used to all of this from childhood, these may be normal to us, we relate to this behaviour as normal. Let me tell you you deserve all the love that this multiverse has to give to you. Choose healthy, balance, love, stability, reliability, kindness, responsibility, equal sharing, giving and receiving, allow others to take care of you, do not run away from someone who has peace and stability, you deserve it, although it may feel alien to you, stay with this relationship, this is the right one for you. Choose to give yourself all the love and beauty that this person brings to you, you’re breaking long-held patterns and thus healing the ancestors as well.
Well done to you, to your power and success.

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