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Clearing The Akashic Records And All Halls Of Records!

If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time. You have to keep clearing the akashic records so you can be free of the old pain, memories, words, emotions and everything else that still plague you.

The akashic record is your own library or everything that has ever happened to you. Imagine how many lives you have lived through, your soul is infinite, it does not die, it lives on forever, this is the place where the akasha (ethers) files everything that has ever and will ever happen to you, the good, the bad and the ugly!
So, if you keep feeling something, listen, it may not even be something you have been through in this lifetime, it may be that you are remembering and channelling what’s in your akashic records.
There are tomes and tomes of books, in the ethers, this is the life of the soul, you are a magician, you have been to the infinite multiverse and back and you still remember all the stuff that has happened. If you are a very evolved soul, you have been to advanced civilisations, you have lived as high priest/priestesses in major civilisations, you have helped shape the universe, you had great powers, you have also witnessed dark forces taking over different parts of the universes/planets and wars of gods/goddesses, wars of good/evil and you may even be a lightwarrior, lightworker, healer, teacher of highest consciousness, magicians, light bearers, shamans, star ones and earth angels. You are poweerful and all your records are in your own hall of records. When a lot of information becomes available to you, your system crashes and you become confused, if you’re downloading a lot of information from your akashic records all the time, you may become sad, sick and depressed, because you don’t know how to deal with this information overload. When you remember something, do not doubt it, become aware and see, listen and be open to receiving this information. Know that it may be your past calling your awareness. Then, meditate, listen carefully, one step at a time, clear the pain, visualise clearing the pain, keep doing this to everything you feel. One issue at a time. You can purposefully enter your own akashic records and see what’s stored there. Then, you can begin the clearing, keep the great stuff, burn down the painful stuff. To your empowerment and light, lightbearer of this world, we need you here whole and healthy, it’s your time to shine.

Cleared Akasha! Kiran G