When you have arrived at your destination. This is due to the mammoth effort you have put in, you have done the inner work, no matter how diffucult. You stuck through, you looked at yourself through the mirror of others. Others shone a light on you and you saw what was being shown. Through the mirror of others, you saw yourself and you did the work that was necessary.

You climbed the highest mountains, dived into the choppiest of seas, crawled through the toughest of plains and you have finally made it.
Your last destination is to forgive your past. Forgive everyone who did not give to you what you wanted or expected.
Forgive them all. Forgive them for not being ready, as you needed them to be. Forgive them for their mistakes, forgive them for not being able to give you what you truly deserved.
You’re now ready for your next leg of your life. Keep healing, clearing and purifying yourself, your past, your life and your consciousness.
Much love and power to your path and journey!

Forgive everyone and Yourself. Kiran G

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