The Divine Feminine is being called to choose carefully, to choose wisely. There are many options, but make sure you weigh all your choices and see all the red flags that are right in front of your eyes.

Heal codependency, abandonment issues from your childhood. It’s not your fault, if these traumas have taken you around and around to different places, people who were not good for you.
You had to learn discernment, to stand up for yourself and to choose who makes it to your sacred womb. Those who hurt your sacred womb will all be called to justice.
If something is hurting your soul, you need to stand up to it, if those who came to you came to take your powers away, you are being shown the way to take your powers back.
It’s UP TO YOU! everything is up to you, your choices predetermine your life, if you bring someone unstable, you will have an unstable life, as those whom you bring into your life to share your energy, have a lot of power to either make or break you.
When you are choosing who to bring close to your womb, make sure it is someone with high integrity, filled with love, stability and one who can replenish your womb with the highest frequency. If they do not contribute to your stability and sacredness, then, they are not for you, you must remove them.

Your divine love will add to your light, will do everything to free you, will share your burden, will try to take away your pain, will do everything to help you heal, will bring you answers, if you are still filled with childhood traumas, they will not judge you, they will wait, they will be patient and work on themselves too.
To your mental health, mental wealth and sacred womb. I wish you light and lightcodes of great discernment and choice.

Cleared divine feminine!

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