It’s time to clear the divine feminine from all the darkness of the past. Past lives, past partners, past lovers or dark ones who harmed the divine womb.
Remember your past, there is a lot in your past that will help you clear your womb. Memories of the past are surfacing so you can clear your womb and heal it.
If you are struggling with your sacredness right now, clear your womb and yoni, clear it completely, so you have a healthy womb and yoni to invite the sacredness into your life.
The sacred feminine is yearning to clear herself, from all past horrors, especially if there have been narcissists, sociopaths, dark forces who came to destroy the divine feminine.
You know who that is! and you need to purify and heal your womb energy.
Allow the sacred fire to burn away any roots of pain, suffering, oppression and abuse, because over the many lifetimes, you have suffered a lot.
Justice is being done right now, those who came to harm the divine feminine have to be judged and you will hear the judgement soon.
You are the justicia (the justice goddess), you decide what happens to those who have destroyed you in the past. Clear, clear, clear your energies and halls of records.

Healed divine feminine.

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