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Star Ones Have Super Powers!

There are star humans on this earth right now. These are very powerful humans, they shine bright and do not have to do much to stand out.
Although star ones had very dark pasts (including past lives) these beings were kept down by dark forces.
The divine feminines were taken over, the divine masculines were kept away from these super humans.
Star ones are here to change this world, we came here a long time ago, when the earth was being seeded, we came here to help those in power to seed this earth and over a long period of time, we were betrayed by those who allowed power and control to get to their minds.
They sold their souls to the dark forces, they then took the earth down into dark frequencies. The mission changed, that of seeding, helping the earth to now saving the earth.
We’ve had to change and upgrade, we’ve had to become ruthless because the dark forces were destructive and ruthless.
We are upgrading all the time, a lot of lightwarriors are on this earth to fight for the freedom of this planet. We’ve had to become ruthless to obliterate these dark forces, we are very powerful beings, the dark forces cannot reach the peak, they can only reach a certain dimension, we can reach all the dimensions, star ones are here as teachers, lightwarriors, magicians, healers, shamans, trailblazers, path finders, justice leagues, lawyers, environmentalists, human rights advocates, animal rights advocates, artists and spiritual healers.

The star ones have great abilities and talents, they can shapeshift, become whatever they want, anytime they want. They cannot be messed with, they see the truth, they do not allow themselves to be swayed by the fluffy spiritual “there is no right, there is no wrong” business. There is right, there is wrong, there is high morals, there is justice for abuse. Some will tell you that the world is the way it is, because we need to grow, we need to observe, watch quietly, silently, this is wrong, as we are to take action, remove evil from this earth, speak up, speak out, bring these abusers to justice (divine justice), do not be conned by them, they are the ones who put these so called “spiritual gurus” out there.
This world needs to be freed from all the evil ones, who have taken over, we are the ones who will do this job, by being aware that they exist, then, taking action to remove them from power. They want to control minds, they want to possess your powers, beware of those who surround you, you are being sent seemingly “divine” people, who wear masks, they are dark forces to destroy you. Beware, see everything that’s around you, see everyone who is near you, some wear fake masks and have bad intentions. You know who they are, they will reveal themselves as your light is too powerful for them to remain hidden.
You are extremely poweerful, see the games that are being played, you are here for a reason, to free this world from tyranny, dark forces and you are extremely powerful.

Star Ones Are Here!