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The Earth Needs Lightwarriors, Earth Angels and Star Ones!

We’re here and we are here to stay! They will make you believe that you are a useless human being, who has no power.
Listen, you have super powers, you are a super human, who can do all kinds of magic.
This world is a matrix, it’s consciousness and once you learn that, you can do anything you want.
You can manifest magic, but first you have to work on yourself, find yourself, your roots, your ancestors, your ancestars, your own self. Know who you are, so you innerstand, overstand who you really are.
This earth needs our power and help. We’re here to help this earth to rise in frequency, for this to happen, we have to see what is really happening and who is in power. The dark ones have taken this earth in their control, they are currently doing everything to separate humans from each other, but also to separate the earth grids and energetic frequencies.
I will not write too much here as I don’t want information to go to dark ones, I will insert lightcodes though, for the light ones and for the earth protectors. You are winning right now, keep on going, there is no going back, we cannot be defeated. We have lightwarriors on this earth right now, fighting big spiritual battles and shifting timelines.
I command your powers come back to you, you have been down for too long, but now we are fearless and have limitless powers.

A Free Earth, Light Anchors!