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The Shaman, Starseed, Indigo Star Is Here!

It’s been a long walk to freedom, but I am here. It’s not been easy, nope. It has been a walk to find out who I really was, never fitting into a mould, into anyone’s box, paradigm, always feeling like an alien, not belonging to this world’s different boxes and human’s neat and tidy background, cultural, racial profiling.
I am bigger than that, I am everything, I am nothing. I am a multiversal being, I am limitless, I fit into no ones box and mould.
I am a limitless being that human mind cannot comprehend. I am from the stars, from the realms of magic and super powers.
I am a super human without cape, I fight for justice, I am on the side of good, I defeat dark forces. That’s what I do.
I am a lightwarrior, who believes in good, who fights to see good reign on this earth again. There are lots of light ones here right now.
We had been kept down for a long time, so we never find our powers and destroyed, those who came to us, were supposedly from the light ones, they were dark evil forces who wore light mask to defeat us, we were betrayed a long time ago and now we see the plan for what it is and we will not be betrayed again.
So, I know who I am, do you know who you are? I invite you to not be scared of your own powers, of not being scared of being different, even seen as mad. Be yourself, be your own authentic self, it does not matter who thinks what of you, look at you, you are so powerful, people don’t know what to make of you!
Haha, that’s super powers right there, the divine has given you these powers to stand out, to heal this planet, to help the weak and voiceless, to bring justice to this planet and other planets too. Forgive, but do not be stupid, make sure you keep those dark ones in your periphery and you know what they are doing. You have to destroy them, that is the only way!