During the first year of your life, whatever love and care your caregiver was able to give to you, is still affecting your life.
Your relationships are where your deepest fears come out. If you have fears of losing your independence, fears of getting too close to someone, fear of intimacy, fear of being rejected, fear of not being loved, of your loved one leaving you, self sabotaging the relationship, so they don’t leave and you leave first, fear of showing your affection, fear of showing emotions, fear of opening up so others can see you in an authentic light, fear of being abandoned for no reason, perhaps you do everything so others cannot love you, perhaps you run away from love, or you just keep a distance so others cannot fully love you. Whatever it is, make sure you know your attachment style.
Perhaps your attachment style is that you attach to others in an unsecure manner, or you have come to believe that you do not deserve love, as your caregiver did not give it to you, or did not give you enough. Perhaps you fight love or those who want to love you. Whatever it is, know that you are worthy of all the love of this multiverse, heal your inner child, reparent yourself, see yourself as someone who deserves all the love, heal your attachment styles and your relationships will heal.

Healed Inner Child. Kiran G

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