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Clear Your Energy From Past Relationships/Lovers/Energy Vampires.

Clear your energy, your womb, your yoni, your masculine and feminine energies, from past lives, past relationships who have taken from you, past lovers, past karmics.
If you are in your feminine energy (regardless of gender), you need to heal your etheric womb, yoni and feminine body. If you’re masculine (again, no reference to gender here), you need to clear your masculine energetic body, including your gonads.
Visualise your energy clearing, think of someone who may have taken too much from you, call your energy back, call your soul back, return their energy, frequency and vibration back to them.
Imagine violet smoke and fire clearing your akashic records, karmic records, halls of records, past life records, astral records and everywhere else.
All records cleared and now you are vibrating with your own beautiful energy, frequency and vibration. You are in your own energy. Block everyone’s energy from reaching you, especially sexually, protect your sexual energy as it is very powerful and many would be after your sexual energy.
Open yourself to only the divine one. Your records are now clear!

Cleared! Done! Kiran G

New Eartheans Welcome! A big Thank You on Your Journey. Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

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