It’s time to reparent your inner child. Your inner child did not get what they wanted from their parents. The main caregiver was not available to love them as they needed to be loved.
Your inner child still feels the pain of the missing love, it wasn’t their parents fault, it was no ones fault, life just happened this way.
Know that your parents loves you, in the way they can or they learnt how to. Your parents did not learn the right way to love and don’t forget that they passed on what they had or what they learnt from their own parents.
The cycles can last for many generations, the pain, the traumas of the child, the mother, the father can go on and on, until someone breaks it.
So, you may be the one doing lifetimes of healing, breaking big patterns, generational traumas of your ancestors.
Now, the next step is to heal the inner child. To heal the inner child fully, you need to learn how to be the best parent to your own inner child. Listen to them, see them, feel them, feel their pain, hold them tight, visualise you are holding your own self in your arms, they are safe, they feel fulfilled, loved and whole. Imagine they are in their early years of their lives and you are there for them, you are their mother. Feed that child everything they need. Break the unhealthy patterns in their life. Heal their broken heart. It’s time! See their attachment traumas and trauma bonds dissolving, visualise all the details of this clearing, imagine cords are being cut, roots are being uprooted from their energetic body. Forgive and see the child thrive again.

Attachment traumas cleared. Kiran G

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