When you are working towards being with the divine love of your life. There will be many karmic partners who will come to make themselves known to you, so you can decide if you want to be with them or not.
These are karmic partners, they have a lot of pain and growth in the lessons. Some will come to be horrible, to break you completely, to destroy you, don’t forget these are partners who may not have anything to do with love, but with pain and control, they come to take your light and control you. You may know them as narcissists or sociopaths, I call them evil forces who comes to destroy the divine feminine.
Read my other blogs to see why! Dark forces have kept the divine feminine down for a long time!
It’s for you to see that this sociopath will not give you love, will not give you what you want and desire, they are here to take from you everything you have.
Then, you have other karmic partners, who have loved you in past lives, but got it wrong. They come to ask you to give them another chance, they may have made mistakes, chosen others over you, you may have felt betrayed, they will come to make it right, but it’s up to you, whether you want to give them a chance or not.
Then, there is the divine love, who will be there, waiting for you to heal all your karmic patterns, close the cycles with everyone, who will be there no matter what, will hold the light for you. Once you’ve met your true love, you will innerstand that this love transcends time, space and lifetimes. This is a love of a lifetime, there will be no feelings of betrayal, pain and harm, this is a light filled relationship, they innerstand your traumas and know that you have to work through them and they wait patiently.
This relationship can span over decades, it is patient, it will not go away and it is NOT TOXIC or HARMFUL! it is silent and beautiful, it frees you, it will teach you to be free, to heal, to love yourself, to respect yourself and it will bring you back to yourself.

Cleared Karma! Kiran G

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