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Star People Have Super Human Abilities!

If you are a star human, you come from other star systems. You will probably know where you come from. From very young you knew this earth was alien to you, you never fitted in, you were even told that you weren’t your parent’s children, or your siblings were too different.

You may have been told that you were adopted and perhaps even believed it as you were too different. You were quiet at school, did not have many friends or only a few friends, everything you touched transformed, you were a big part of healing your family lineage, you healed miraculously when there was something, you had the magic hands, you knew things before these happened.

When you grew up, you broke rules, you did not follow the bad rules, you loved justice, this justice was divine justice, you believed in right and wrong, you saw the wrong for what it was, you saw greed, destruction of nature, you are passionate about this earth, you feel the pain when a tree is cut, you look at the stars and feel a close bond to them, you know there is something more beyond.

You have a natural ability to connect to those who are in pain, people are magnetised by your high frequency, you are pushed to be a leader, even if you hid yourself all your life, the divine has a way to propel you into leadership positions and you feel shy, you are scared to speak your truth, fearing that you will be judged harshly, that is because of past life fears where you were persecuted as a witch and for being a magician healer. You are a natural teacher, people come to hear you, you don’t know why people are attracted to you, you are filled with light and high frequency information, they come to you, you doubt these, feeling that may be you are crazy and that you are not normal.

You are a different kind of being, you dress your own way, you have your own style, you do not fit the mould, you break the moulds, you do not fit in any box, you are YOU! You are a healer, magician, you are in tune with nature and the elements, you are serious about what you do, you know your purpose, you know where you are going, you download information, dark forces cannot deal with you, you are limitless, you have many talents and you shine, you have a lot of jealous people around you, who feel intimidated and jealous, they want to break you down because you shine so bright and make them look like they are nothing.

Watch your back at all times as you have enemies! You ascend to very high dimensions, you heal your lineage, you have good karma, you chose a very difficult family bloodline to heal them, you carry a lot of burdens, you may accept family traumas to heal them, you find yourself stagnant because you have freed your family from their burdens, karmas and you have them because you know how to transmute them, you are a late bloomer, you manifest fast, whatever you touch turns to gold, you are mystery to others, you have a LOT of admirers and potential suitors, but you know you cannot just choose anyone.

People want to be around you, you shine, you have a great sense of humour, a wit, naturally funny or know how to grab people’s attention, you have charisma, presence about you, you may rub people the wrong way (when they are too much in their dark energies), you carry a lot of light, you are here to give justice, to fight for the great causes, to give voice to the voiceless, you are a good person and you are kind.

You have been through the fires of the divine, to test your resolve, you have had dark forces stalk you, bite you, hurt you, enslave you for a long time, but now you see and you are free, you are here to change this world, to drop bitesize sound bites, so you awaken with your raw speech, you do not mince your words, you are a straight shooter, you do not play games, although it may have been long to find love, true love as they were previously masked under darkness.

As you have a good heart, you tend to see the good in others, you project light onto dark people and cannot see their real face, you do not accept that there cannot be good everywhere, it pains you to see dark forces, you give them too many chances and they abuse you. It’s time to realise that dark forces cannot become light and that this is their purpose, that you do your job, they do theirs, after giving them ten thousand chances, you must stop, give others may be one strike, then remove them, you may also be bound by dark magic, beware, these people have all the games to hurt you, you do not see bad even if it strikes you a million times, it’s time to become clever and see that there are dark forces that are here to hurt us, do not be naive and think that we are all one, become disabled by their light mask, see everyone for what they are, there are dark evil forces who are hurting this planet and all those who live on it. They will do anything to keep power and you have to do anything to remove them from power.

Star Human. Kiran G
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