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Welcome Soul Tribe Members, I Am Grateful!

Thank you soul tribe members, the light community, it is time for the connection of our hearts.

We have waited for each other for a while, we have all waited a long time, we were both getting ready to reveal ourselves to the world.
You are in a pivotal time of your light path, you are ready to reveal yourself to yourself and others. I would say, do not be scared to stand out, do not be scared to be seen as possibly crazy, because it is the crazy ones that are actually well, the ones who think are well and not aligned with their true selves are actually the crazy ones.
You are unique, come into your full glory, you are on this earth, but not of this earth, you are from the stars and have great powers emanating from you.
Do not be scared to stand out, to make new paths, this world is run by very sick and dark individuals, who have trained everyone to be in low vibration and consciousness, you travel amongst the stars, you are not ordinary, you are actually as bright star one.
We are here to make waves, to break the rules, to challenge the status quo, to dissent, because they have trained everyone to be out of their minds. We are the ones who are connected to ourselves, do not fear your own power, do not doubt what you know deep down inside of yourself. You may be ridiculed, but you are the one who is flying really high, you are the one who is healthy, you are the one who is really connected to everything, you are the one who has deep knowledge and is riding the high waves of high frequency and vibration, you are the one who is very wealthy, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally and psychically. You are the one who is being followed by many, because you have the truth inside of you and the true ones recognise it. You are welcome here, it would be great if you make yourselves known, somehow, it would be great to connect with tribe members, soul family of light.

Welcome soul family!
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