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You Are A Star Human!

You are a star human. You came to this earth to teach a new way, this new way is totally new. You also came here to show others the truth about what is really going on. You came to teach others not to fall into the trap that they have set for you.
They being the dark forces. I want you to know that there are major dark forces who are controlling this world and the consciousness.
You are not fooled though, as others follow blindly the narratives of the dark ones, they are here to take over this beautiful earth, to control, desecrate, to obliterate light from here.
Look at what they are doing right now, do you see what’s really happening? how nature is being destroyed, how the animals are being exploited, how the humans of this earth are being enslaved, or are you still believing that everything is as it should be?
You have been conned for a while, but now, you are ready to see. You see what is really happening. Do not be fooled, open your eyes and see clearly, you are here to show others that they are being fooled, you had a lot of dark forces after you, to defeat you, your light, to obliterate you, but they cannot, you are too powerful.
You are star human, here to shake the humans to open their eyes, they have been harmed so much, they cannot see anymore. The star ones are here to plant the seed of truth in the humans and then, it’s up to them to see or not to see. You are here to do magic and your presence bring miracles to whom you surround. A lot of people want your attention and light, that’s because you are a high level magician, just your presence bring the bighest frequencies to others, a lot do not recognise or innerstand this frequency, a lot are intimidated by it, as it’s other worldly. Your mission here to be aware, to see, to feel, to remove those parasites, fungus, vampires, devil ones who attached themselves to you and enslaved your soul through dark magic. See this and break all these evil bonds. They are powerless and they fear the day you find out about them, rise now and do not be fooled about some teachings about “there is no right, no wrong, that everything is as it should be, send love and light to everyone even those who abuse you, give the other cheek, be always nice or anchor love” these are implants and programs to disable you. You have a right to defend yourself, there are many vampires, narcissists, sociopaths, evil ones on this plane, they will be attracted to your super powers, do not give in to them, defeat them.
If you are a forgiving type, they know this and will come to take everything from you, they know you will keep forgiving them and they know you have a good heart, this needs to change now, you need to see others for who they really are. Evil exists, people who are the ancestors of evil are here, they bind, they take, they destroy and obliterate. If you are a lightwarrior, be careful, you are being sent a lot of dark warriors with light mask, they are poisonous and bite you and smile to you. Keep your circle small, follow your gut instinct, they will come to you as light people and they have evil intentions. You cannot be defeated and this is your time to take all your powers back from them.

Your powers are back! Kiran G
Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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