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Clearing Your Energy Totally To Make Space For The Divine One!

Clear yourself of all the past, past influences, past people, past patterns, past energetic ties, bonds, binds, traumas to make way for the one and only.

If you have been doubtful of what your next step should be, may be you are carrying other people’s chaotic energies, you are attached to their thoughts, thoughtforms, chaotic frequency, that is also confusing you.
If you are energetically attached to others, who are chaotic in their minds, bodies, spirit, emotions, then you will have those frequencies translate in the same manner too. Your life will reflect theirs. That’s because either they have attached to your energy, because you have allowed it at some point, you gave them permission or they have forcefully attached themselves to you and you were unable to do anything about it.

If your energy is peaceful, they want this in their life, so they may have attached themselves to you energetically and you were not able to do anything about it.
Now you can, you are aware and you can sever the cords, bonds, binds, thoughtforms, sexual energies, attachments, memories of the past and whatever else it may be.
If you had very violent (energetically, psychically, mentally, emotionally) people in your life, they want what you have, your light, your energy, your calm self, they will drain you of your life force, your energy is powerful and they know it, Wherever your attention goes there is prosperity, so be very careful who you associate with.
Do not give energy to these people, even your thought of them empowers them, clear your akashic records of these entities of darkness, once you sever all attachments, they cannot drain your energy anymore.
A lot of divine feminine are attached to past lovers, their thought forms, their chaos and violence, these divine feminines feel it every moment. Clear your sexual energies, from past life lovers (who will manifest in this lifetime as well) so you can take your powers back from them!
Clear yourself until you feel totally cleared of these dark forms, ghosts, trauma bonds and all cords. Only then, your divine partner will be able to unite with you totally.
I wish you well.

Cleared! Kiran G
Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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