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My Podcasts, A Wealth of Information and Wisdom Here!

Some topics I cover are below: Podasts : Freedom From Pain.
Your feminine voice is needed now.

Rise and shine like the ball of the sun in the sky. Karma layers, levels and dimensions. Is it possible to be free from pain? Which tree are you, the love tree or the pain tree? Does evil exist? going against the grain of most spiritual people. I’m your greatest fan, I’m rooting for you, go slay some demons. Listen, do not keep yourself down anymore, it’s an order. Go now and shine, who cares about critics and loudmouths. You are sheer greatness, you are called into action now.
These are just a few of topics I cover. If you feel like connecting, make sure you listen, because your time is here!

Autoimmune And Chronic Issues? Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

Find out the spiritual meaning of chronic issues.
  1. Autoimmune And Chronic Issues?
  2. Forgive Your Mother!
  3. Meditation For Awareness.
  4. Triggered into your old traumas!
  5. On the other side! Well done, you've made it.
  6. Broken OUT! YOU'RE free!
  7. Illusion And Delusion!
  8. Disentanglement!
  9. You Rise, I Rise!
  10. Choices, Choices, Choices!