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Beware of Jealous People Who Are Stealing From You!

When you are powerful, you will have people who surround you, who joined your circle but actually are stealing from you!
Stealing knowledge, stealing your energy, stealing your essence, your destiny, your powers and your life force.
In some cases, you have lost all your powers to these vampires, narcissists, they mimic you, so they look like you because otherwise you would never have accepted them in your circle.
Beware of these dark, evil forces, they are here to defeat you and steal everything from you! I don’t mince my words, I say the truth that many spiritual people will NOT tell you.
A lot of people will have you believe that there is no darkness, that evil does not exist, that everything is meant to be the way it is, that there is no right, no wrong, that we have to forgive everyone’s trespass.
NO, you do not have to take any of it.
Challenge them, take your sword out, they are here to steal from you and build their own castle. They do not mean well for you, they are here to destroy you.

Now you have taken your powers back, they are scared, they don’t know what to do, you have magical powers and you are ready for them to pay back!
You are collecting your dues and they are SHAKING in their slippers, they are in the cold, they are suffering, because you’ve taken back what was yours, they do not have much, if everything yours is taken away, they have nothing else left.
SEE the truth, do not be conned, you will taught a lot of rubbish, a lot of spiritual people will teach you to keep forgiving and “Not harm” anyone, but you have to, when you meet these devils, who are ruthless and have not a cell of good in them, we’ve risen, they are worried.

Kiran G. Beware!

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