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When You Are Shining Bright, You Will Have Enemies!

Listen, they pretend to be like you, kind, gentle, compassionate, even copy your every move! I have had a few people do that, I don’t mind being copied if someone really sees me as a role model, I welcome that as it’s an honour! However, these ones, they are not of light, they don’t have the wisdom, information, knowledge, success and support of the divine.
They are dark ones in light masks, they will mimic you, they pretend to be “divine”, they will even talk like they are more advanced than you, not that you were ever in competition with them, they compete with you, without you even knowing.
I knew a fake “reiki master”, a dark one with light mask on, when he healed, he was actually stealing from those he “healed”, always talked like he was the greatest of the greatest, most awakened person on this earth, I always thought “wow”, but he was a fake divine master. Stealing from everyone, if you came in his periphery and he liked you, he stole everything from you, your spiritual wealth, your health, your destiny, your indentity and everything else! Yep, that’s right, he only looked for females who were powerful, filled with light and then he destroyed every single one of them.
Unbelievable! at the time I believed everyone was good, everyone had kindness! I was so naive and childlike. I learnt the hard way, now I want you to know that the more you shine, the more dangerous psychos will be attracted to you, they want everything you have! So, when you realise who they are, they will not be pleased. You unmasked them, they will come to attack you, with their dark magic and psychic attacks.
You have super powers, they do not have anything, you can defeat them like nothing! Call back your powers and defeat these mofos! They are no good to anyone, they are a drain on this earth, they have bad energies, when you are around them, bad luck will follow you, they curse people, they will do anything to steal everything you have. Congratulations you have enemies, but this only means you are super successful and they have no powers over you, you rock and crack that whip! baby! They are scared of you!
When you come here, come with clean hands, I know who visits my temple here. I am here to help the light ones, the dark ones who stalk me, try to steal from me, well, don’t, because you don’t even know what I’m doing to you!

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