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Heal The Mind, Heal The Body!

When you heal your mind, you heal your body. Self mastery begins by becoming in total control of the mind. The mind can drive us crazy if we are not careful, if we are not in control of it. When we become in total control of the mind, we can then become in total control of our body.
The subconscious mind, the monkey mind and the unconscious mind are always fighting with each other. If your physical health is not good right now, make sure you look at what you are thinking, feeling, sensing, what images are in your mind all around the clock, what emotions are you keeping in. Keep a tab of all of these and you will find that the more issues you have in your body, the more issues you have with your mind.
becoming in total control of our mind is a great task, it takes years, a lot of training, use of mindful techniques and learning about the mechanics of the brain and how the brain controls our mind.

Closed. Done.
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