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Releasing The Inner Child of All Bondages!

The inner child is healing. There has been a lot of attacks on the child, since the child was born, there have been forces that plagued it with horror, pain and suffering.
This child was/is so powerful and bright, that many forces came to harm it. Is that you? Have you been plagued by dark forces for a while? Have you had a lot of issues trying to remove these forces from your life?
No worries, this is the place for you to be, I have lightcodes here for you to heal you, clear you and free you. All you do is download. There are also lots of art, courses, communications to help you remember who you are, to help you free yourself. I have also written many books on how to heal yourself, these teach you how YOU become in control of your own life.
There are podcasts, blogs, books, art, speaking, lightcodes all to help you free yourself, totally.
I have been there, where you are right now. I have been through all of it and came out bigger, defeated all the evil dragons, shapeshifters and cloaked ones. Follow the different platforms and own your crown. The inner child is ready to be free totally.

Kiran G

The Warrior Zen Master. INTEGRATE Yourself, Balance Your Dark And Light. Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

Time to integrate both sides of you, the dark and light side, the dark is only your enemy if you allow it to control you, you can control your enemy, you're the superhero, you will save the world. You're the avenger team, you're ready.
  1. The Warrior Zen Master. INTEGRATE Yourself, Balance Your Dark And Light.
  2. Hold Space For Yourself, You're Letting Go of The Old.
  3. It's Okay, To Be OK. The Balance Between Internalising And Externalising Issues!
  4. Remove The Low Vibing, Miserable Nasties From Your Life!
  5. Get Out of My Life, You Aren't Wanted Here!
  6. Watch Your Back, Saboteurs Surround You, The GAVEL Strikes In Your Favour.
  7. You've Caught The Hater Hating, Now Watch What Happens!
  8. It's A Gilded Cage, A Trap, Walk Away!
  9. Last Push To Freedom, But Vampires Don't Want To Leave.
  10. Emotional Addiction, Obsession And Co – Dependency