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Month: March 2021

Star One, Your Heart Is Healed!

Star One, your heart has been broken for too long, it’s time to heal that ouch and get onto your high horses or unicorns to your next stage of life. […]

Pay Attention To All The Red Flags!

When red flags fill your situation, you know it’s time to leave. Make a list of all the red flags in your situation, the people and those involved. Pay attention, […]

Release Toxic Patterns of The Past!

Lessons are teaching you where you are stuck, what needs working on, which parts of you still needs healing, which part of you is still stuck in past patterns of […]

How To Get Out of The Karmic Trap!

If you think you’re in a divine partnership, but you get caught in a karmic trap. Watch out! Anything divine is just that, peaceful, divine and loving. There are challenges, […]