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Month: March 2021

Star One, Your Heart Is Healed!

Star One, your heart has been broken for too long, it’s time to heal that ouch and get onto your high horses or unicorns to your next stage of life. […]

When Karma Kicks Their Butts!

It’s a bit of an irony, I mean … I am not a fan of Karma, but it’s cool to see when Bad Karma kicks butts. I am enjoying it, […]

Security, Safety And Stability!

Only bring in safety, security and stability in your life. First give this to yourself, then you will find the same characteristics in others.Look for this in yourself, if it’s […]

What Is A Karmic Relationship?

Karmic relationships are those relationships that have a lot of challenges and lessons in them. Usually karmic relationships are filled with pain. It’s a relationship that has lessons of hardship […]