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There Are Multiple Contracts! No One Is Free, Until …

Humans have soul contracts, a lot of them! Humans have lot of other things as well, such as vows, pledges, agreements and promises.
There is so much that keep us bound to others, places, lives, souls and situations.
Contracts are one of those binding connections to the soul. The soul does exactly what you have agreed for it to do.
There are contracts between you and other people, energies, entities, places and situations.
When you remember what they are, then you can either honour them or break them.
When all souls agree to break a contract, it can be broken, if one holds on and does not want the contract to end, then, they will fight to keep it valid.
Then, there is conflict. One party may want to end the contract, but the other, perhaps the contract was so good for them, they were always the winner and you the loser somehow, they want this contract at all cost, as you are the giver, they, the taker, they only win and always win. This contract cannot be honoured as there is only detriment to one party, the other only wins, so by virtue of it, it must be broken (as a legal person, this is how it is) but also in divine law, it’s the same! When you break a contract that is not ethical on both sides and there has been no consideration (gains on both sides) then, it is honoured by the universe. Also, a contract is entered by two or more parties, not just one! If one breaks the contract, then, it must be honoured. Only when karmic soul contracts are ended with all parties involved, then you can call yourself totally free on this earth.
When Karma is cleared, then the soul becomes free, it does not matter if the other party does not want to break the contract, as long as one wants to, it’s enough. Check your Karmic soul contracts with others and do they have consideration on both sides. If not, you are the loser! Time to break this contract and become free Karmically.

Karma, karma oh what the karma?
Communications are ready!