Let me make it clear! right now, divine is not going to harm you, only the devil’s spawn will abuse, harm and destroy you! There is a big plan to keep real twin flames apart. Evil men/women are on a mission to destroy divine counterparts.
A lot of divine loves are stuck in extremely abusive relationships, this is part of the plan to harm the divine plan of divine loves coming together.
A lot of divine feminine is stuck into destructive relationships, this is NOT divine. OK, there is pain in a divine relationship, however it will always be divine, peaceful, healing, it has energy within it, it will add to your light. Your divine partner will heal you deeply, they will care for you, they will not betray you, they will be loyal, faithful, they will wait for you, they will work on themselves, so you can be together, they will want to make it work.
The one who carries the feminine energy (not necessarily the woman, it can be the man too), the feminine will wait and be gentle, whilst the one carrying the masculine energy will have a lot of healing to do. Of course I am not saying that the feminine does not have to heal themselves, they do, oh yes they do!
The masculine energy carrier usually has a lot of karma to heal and release. The feminine energy carrier has a lot of feminine healing to do, but also remember we all have both energies, but one may be more predominant. This is divine love.
We will of course have to balance both masculine and feminine energies, when one divine lover heals something in them, they other upgrades to the same energy. Each one upgrades regularly. Divine is not destructive, it has its own challenges, but it is loving and peaceful, overall!
A lot of people are mistaking karmic relationships as twin flames, twin souls and/or soulmate relationships. Be very careful, I fell into that trap too. There are narcissists out there, very hungry, soul enslavers, who will take everything from you. Since Twin flames are meeting right now, a lot of dark “lovers” are showing up, to delay or totally destroy the divine masculine and feminine. They are here to stop the ascension process, they are not good people, they are darkness with light masks on.
When you meet them, they are dark, they hoover all your energy, bad luck surrounds you, you feel immense pain, they gaslight, they mimic your light, they speak the same language at the beginning, they pretend to be exactly like you, because they have no identity as they are the devil’s spawn, literally!
These dark karmics have no intention of loving, the intention is to stop you from uniting with your real divine counterpart, they pass themselves as the divine counterpart. You have been fooled.
When you look at their photos or them, you know there is something really wrong, they have no light and you can feel it. They are vampires, they hoover, they take by force and energetic violence. They play games, they disappear, make you an option, mistreat you, abuse you energetically/psychically/telepathically, mentally, emotionally. If you leave, they chase you and lovebomb you, they come back to feed on you regularly (mainly on astral planes) etherically, you feel suddenly down, sad, depressed, your life falls apart, bad luck follows you, your health deteriorates (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual) they take all your spiritual wealth and energetically own you. They root themselves in your energetic lifeforce and feed on it remotely, they don’t have to be near you! They are bad news, you can be stuck in this evil connection forever, if you don’t free. Breaking free takes time, but you have to come into your own powers first and fight them spiritually/energetically.

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