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Your Enemies Have No Power Anymore! They Are Defeated!

Your enemies have been defeated, they have no power over you anymore. You have taken all your powers back and their powers too.
You are a super powerful being, use your super powers to do what you need to do.
No one has the right to hurt, harm, defeat you in any way, shape or form. If they have, then you have to go to them and take your powers back.
If they still stalk you, watch you, hover around, trying to hoover your energy or powers, you will take it all back in one swipe.
You are a master magician, you have nothing to fear, these people learnt from you, you are the master, you formed them, they look at you and they copy what you do.
You probably even trained them in some form, you trained them metaphysically, then they betrayed you. You will always be more powerful than these wannabes, they copycat you, they mimic you, they try to be you, but they are not.
Do not be fooled, powerful individuals have lots of enemies, who come to try and defeat us, do not be too good hearted, you will suffer. Make sure you know who is around you, watch them, be aware, watch them closely.

Forgiveness comes with a caveat! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

Star ones, beware of forgiveness, who and what you're forgiving.
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