Karmic relationships are those relationships that have a lot of challenges and lessons in them. Usually karmic relationships are filled with pain. It’s a relationship that has lessons of hardship and suffering. When we talk about karma, people usually talk about the bad stuff, not the good stuff right? I am too. I am not talking about good karma (actions and intentions)

There are karmic relationships that are extremely abusive (like narcissistic abuse) which is very, very dangerous. I call narcissists a different name myself, they have nothing good in them, they do not have anything good, but only abuse and horror in them, which they transfer to an empath usually!

Then, there is the lesson-filled karmic relationships, which actually teach us a lot of lessons, not in the positive, but in the negative. We have contracted to learn from pain, not love. We can elect to learn from love.
When we break out of karma and karmic relationships, we can learn through love and in the positives. We can choose once and for all, we can be free of all karma and karmic relationships.
When we are free of karma and karmic relationships, remember, your relationships may break down. The karmic ones will, because if they are filled with pain, you are given a choice to get out. The ones that good already (the relationships), they will thrive and you will see it change, the lessons will be peaceful and harmonious. You could say all of our problems on this earth is due to Karma (negative) because good people are trying to get out of it and abusive people are trying not to take their karma back).

I don’t like karma myself, but who does? I don’t like to learn from karma or karmic relationships. As a true rebel, I rebel against anything that I have to do. Be careful of what you HAVE to do, who told you that you HAVE to do this? it’s also the same with Karma. We do not have to go through Karma (this is for light ones, empaths, star ones), most of our karma is someone else’s karma anyway. You are not a sovereign being when you have karma, that is the force controlling your life and everyone has karma, until you become free of it.

Light ones do not have bad karma, a lot of it is inherited, projected on and passed on to them. Karma of course exists, it is the law of the land, but who made this law, why did we agree to it? to know the law of karma, we have to first find out who is responsible for Karma (Saturn) and why does everyone on this earth have a LOT of karma? Once you start questioning this, you will find the answer. I will leave it to you to do your own research. Once you find out the truth about Karma, you can free yourself from it totally and return bad one’s Karma back to them.

When you are stuck in a relationship, an abusive one (psychically, emotionally, mentally, energetically abusive) you are bound by karma. A lot of the Karma comes from the other person, if you don’t already know it. Karma is a law, it’s something everyone is born to follow, even if you know it or not, it’s active, you have agreed to it by virtue of your birth on this earth.

Usually bad karmic relationships keep you in a loop, a circle, a pattern, a bond that you cannot get out of. That’s is what it’s meant to do. You can ask yourself why such bad Karma, if you are a good person and your family are all good people, why so much bad Karma for good people? who actually decides we have to go through so much pain/suffering and why? Is that a good god? a divine god? a divine existence? well, it can’t be.

Karma is the law to keep everyone in bondage, to keep everyone in suffering. Ask yourself why your life review has to send you back into the same pain/suffering over and over again. Why can’t it just be the abuser pays for their dues? It’s not a fair game for everyone, Karma sides with the abuser and usually they have an upper hand.

I am a critic of karma and the law which is totally abusive, then again, I don’t want whatever beings are behind this con to control me. I am a sovereign being. Your aim is to get out of Karma, this is possible for all good people, good ones, light ones, just realise that the karma you are carrying is NOT yours, it’s NOT your ancestors, it’s NOT your past lives, you and your soul tribes have done nothing wrong.
Once you realise that you don’t have to go through karma (bad karma) and you can be free, then this is your first step of freeing yourself, then you can learn to free yourself.

Free from bad Karma!

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