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YOU Are Not For Everyone! Choose Carefully.

When you are making choices, be careful. Being too nice may mean that you have no discernment and anyone who shows interest in you, you may just allow them in, because perhaps you don’t see who they are or just too nice to say no.
Be very careful, there are people out there who aren’t very nice. They are ready to do anything to use and abuse.
Beware that people who come to you, are not actually doing so because of an ulterior motive. They see your light, your shine, your energy, your spiritual wealth and they want to take it.
Sometimes, we give energy away without even knowing. Our energy just goes to anyone who needs it.
Perhaps whilst growing up, we did not learn boundaries, perhaps we were the saviour, or we were the fixer, the giver, the one who always rescues. This can make us feel that we are here to save everyone who comes to us, we may tell ourselves that when someone comes to us, we MUST help them no matter what, we may even tell ourselves or believe that we are here to save and rescue everyone from their own problems. This is an unhealthy belief system. Also, we may have vows and contracts to give to others, we may have been always the giver, you’ll attract those who come to take or who needs everything, all the time.
It’s essential to have strong boundaries when it comes to your energy and how much you give of yourself. You may also believe in loyalty, which may make you remain in abusive relationships, which is one-sided. Be careful, check out your belief systems and your subconscious self, why do you do what you do? ask yourself this all the time. Giving is good, over giving is a sign of wanting to be loved and accepted. Self love will heal these. I wish you well.

You Are High Value!
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