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Is It God or Another Force Controlling Your Life?

Only a few will find the answer, the chosen ones! Look, God/Goddess, the divine has nothing to do the way your life is. Of course the divine exists, once you clear yourself, you will come into ALLL your powers.

Until then, there is another force that is controlling your life, many other forces actually! So, the question is, is GOD, or the DIVINE in charge? Do prayers work?
When will people realise there is another force controlling humanity. There is NO free will, no free will, until you have done the work, the clearing of the force that controls all of us.

Is this a benevolent or malevolent force? Well, look at your life and draw your own conclusion, is this earth free? Do you think that there are benevolent forces in charge of this planet?

Well, do you? or have you never even thought about it? I don’t innerstand how people can give the control of their life to another being or power. Praying can be helpful, if your life is clear of these malevolent forces.
Karma is a big factor, I don’t agree with the reason why good people have Karma, I think it’s a trap for everyone to remain in bondage of pain and illusion.
This planet along with many other planets are being controlled by dark forces, they have taken it over and want to continue to take over more of the universe, there is a spiritual war right now, it’s between the light and dark, evil forces, do not give in.
Why would anyone think a divine god/goddess would bring so much war and chaos onto a planet? have you been seeing the total control they are seeking? with their controlling pharma, big tech, big food agriculture, big weather control, big mind control, have you noticed yet?
You are a light one, a lightwarrior, a lightworker, a star one, an empath, a light filled person.
The greater your power, the more bondage and pain you’ll find on this planet. Beware, once you know where you are and who is controlling this planet, then you will be able to manoeuvre yourself, your life, your energy, your ancestor’s life better. You have SUPERPOWERS! do not doubt that, you have been kept in bondage for a long, long time. BUT, we have risen now.

The forces controlling you are: KARMA (law of actions, intentions) which it isn’t at all, in my view! Lots of programs, plugs, telepathic attacks, dark humans/other dark entities, vampires, narcissists passing as relationships, manipulating your timelines, space, dimensions, time, moving time and space so you don’t get what you want, pharma attacks, food attacks, energetic attacks, psychic manipulation/control, dark ones sent to defeat you, they pass as friends, colleagues, some are even family members, lovers, partners, you name it!
Ancestral bondage, generational traumas (they manipulate traumas so you remain in suffering), inner child traumas, collective traumas, past life memories/traumas, racial war traumas, planetary controls (other planets and moon controlling you). Your AnceSTARS bondage and traumas.
There are a lot of forces controlling you and your existence, have you figured it out yet? It is possible to be free and that’s why you got attracted to this site. Keep reading, lots of info/wisdom here!!!

You Are Free of Them!
Clear, fix, remove the old apps. Make space. Love is here!
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