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Narcissistic Energy Transference!

What is energy transference and how does it work? I will be doing a podcast on this soon, but here is a little intro.
Energy transference is when someone transfers their bad stuff, offloads onto you, they use you as a dumping ground, as a landfill.
They come and do that often, they release their burdens on you, whilst you wriggle in pain, they are released from theirs.
These people are very clever, they know how to use magic, to do a lot of their dirty work.
They use a lot of mind control, telepathic control and you as an empath, you never learnt to defend yourself or attack them, so they never do this to you or anyone.
You have become so scared that you fear what their wrath, they do a lot of bad stuff when they are angry. So, instead of you learning to fight them, defeat them, destroy them totally, you learnt to be a victim.
NO! rise up to this evil monstrosity. They will keep on doing this, swap your energy for theirs, until you are six feet under or become the ashes!
These entities steal, they are the narcissists, the sociopaths, the dark empaths or evil monsters, vampires of this world. They live amongst us and they look so “divine”, because they have merged with your divine essence, they stole your divine energy, essence and now they pass themselves as light, as YOU! Whilst you attract their shit, their bad luck, their evil fate, they thrive and prosper in your luck, beauty and spiritual wealth!

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