You are a beautiful, wise teacher to many. Many come to you to learn from you and this is your life purpose.
You were born to do this and you are here to be extremely powerful. Let me tell you that no one can mess with you, if they did, the universe always has your back and the wrath of the universe is upon those who has harmed you.
Just watch, even if you don’t do anything, there are a lot of lessons and guilt transferred to those who have intentions to hurt, harm and steal from you.
You are very protected, you have powerful protection around you, around the clock. You have powerful ancestors and ancestars, they are making themselves known to you right now and they don’t want anyone who has bad intentions near you. They are ruthless and are removing anyone who does not mean well towards you. You have lightwarriors angels, ancestars protecting you!
Your purpose is to teach others in integrity, with clean hands and an open heart. Your back is being watched, there is nothing to worry about. You have human angels, friends, family members, soul connections who are protecting you, spiritually.
Picking a fight with you is like picking a fight with your whole ancestors/ancestars and they mean business!
They have seen your struggles with certain people, they are taking back what’s yours and theirs.
Your back is protected, so you can go and do what you need to do, there is work to be done on this planet.
You are a light one!

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