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Clearing Deficit Frequency From Your Life!

Watch what’s really going on in your life? who or what are you attracted to? may be more than attracted to? obsessed? codependent on?

Ah! I know! i’ve been there, I have the Tshirt to prove it, trust me. So, if you are still lingering around past people, past memories, people who have crumbs, are in total deficit, or are paupers, you may be stuck in your old ways.

Think when you were a child, what kind of frequency were you in? were you in the deficit frequency? are you still reliving this, subconsciously? Watch the people you are attracting and attracted to. Are they abundant? are you allowing yourself to be loved, to be filled with their love? or are you going back and forth like a pendulum trying to relive that poor past?
The child is still unhealed. Go look after that child, ash him/her why they are still living the deficit of the past. Ask the child to release that overdraft, that deficit, that massive loss, the total minus and come to the abundance, the beauty, the plus, the overfill, the places, people and situations that want to feed you, fill your cups, make your cups overflow with love and abundance. It’s YOUR time to overflow! Let that deficit go!

Cleared! Kiran G
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