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The Deficit Frequency! What Is It and How Can It Affect Our Life?

So, what if you are stuck in a frequency? what if you don’t even know and your life is just not working. How is your life right now? is it abundant? are you attracting all the abundant people? Or are you attracting the deficient people? or are you conflicted? may be you work hard and lose everything. May be you become abundant and then, whoosh, something and someone comes to steal everything away from you? Has that ever happened to you? or is this a common pattern in your life? listen in …
Here is some more on the deficit frequency.

Closed. Done.
  1. Closure. Done.
  2. TRUST Issues, deception and Betrayals.
  3. Close Never Ending Cycles!
  4. Forgiveness comes with a caveat!
  5. Those who had your back in times of struggle…
  6. War on Consciousness!
  7. Nuggets of Wisdom!
  8. We have great responsibility!
  9. Humanity Is Ravenous!
  10. We Stop Fearing Now!