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There Is No Outside Force That Will Do Anything For You, If …

No outside force will do anything for you, you must first find yourself, do everything for yourself, protect yourself, provide for yourself, love yourself and do everything that you feel that has been missing in your life.
Once you do everything for yourself, protect yourself, make yourself safe, feel safe within yourself, only then you’ll find that other forces will add to your own success.
Nothing will succeed in your life, if you don’t make all the effort. I mean all the effort, not half the effort, not a little bit of effort, but ALL the effort.
So, it’s like climbing the highest mountain in this world, it’s cold, it’s snowing, there’s a blizzard, you are freezing, tired, all the elements are working against you, the wind is blowing you hundred steps back, the snow is freezing your whole essence, you don’t see where you are going, you are alone, no guides, may be very little food or comfort, you are freezing to your bones, you are hungry, you have very little food or water with you, but you still succeed in your endeavours. You succeed in climbing the mountain, get to the top, find yourself, find your way, discern between all the mazes of illusions, wrong pathways, that could have led you to your demise, monsters, dragons breathing fire onto you, enemies coming to defeat you, darkness throwing illusions onto your path.
However, you manage to defeat all these illusions, which weren’t illusions, but reality. But, you manage to defeat them as illusions, because you knew you were more powerful than all these obstacles and challenges.
You come down the mountain a new person, a new force, a wise being, a super power that no one can defeat. That’s YOU now! NO ONE WILL RESCUE YOU! Once you find all your powers, you’ll find all the powers, the outside forces come to add to your power. You are the one you have been waiting for.

Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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  5. Remember your origin, star one!