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Upping Your Game With This …

Look this is spiritual gangsta stuff lol. No one will actually tell you how to do this life well. I do! My channels will do exactly that, make you a spiritual gangsta! cool in the hood, you will make the woo woo stuff look cool. 😀

OK, I will just give you the schtuff, you decide what you do with it, gangsta or not, up to you! Listen in!

Totally upping my game with this!

The Teacher Remains The Teacher! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

The Teacher will always be the teacher, even when the dark student thinks he is the teacher.
  1. The Teacher Remains The Teacher!
  2. Parting Ways!
  3. Dark And Light!
  4. Love, Trust, Honour And Respect!
  5. Apportion Karma!