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Bring In The Big Guns – The Ancestors’ Return!

The ancestors are ready to come back and stand strong with you, on your path. They wait for your invitation and want to help out in all the situations that could be bothering you.
Your ancestors are your legacy, they are proud of the work you have done single-handedly. They say move forward with caution, make good decisions, do not rush into anything that you know is not going to be good for you in the long run.
Give it time, think about it, relax and listen to your own gut feeling.
Any situation you are in right now, ask yourself these:
Is this good for your growth?
Will it bring me benefit or deficit?
Does the situation have a lot to offer, in terms of abundance?
Or does it have a lot of deficit to offer, whilst you go into more deficit, they go into more abundance.
Any encounter has to be on equal footing, equal share, equal give and receive, has to be stable, you have to feel secure, rooted in peace, has to have a lot on offer, will feel right and will not have too much obstacles on your way. If there are many red flags, revise your plan and go for the best option you have available and they say that you have very good options available to you right now.

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