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How To Know If YOu Are Stuck In The Wrong Story.

If you are stuck in the wrong story, if you have been struggling, if you are feeling stuck, bound and you cannot move. Then, you are most likely stuck in someone else’s story.
If someone is manifesting you, there is an unfinished business and they want to make this story happen. They are desperate to make it happen with you, but you are not desperate at all, they keep on wanting to manifest you, they do everything to have you in their life, you feel something little inside of you, like there is some kind of story here, but don’t feel how they do.
This is a good example of you being stuck in someone else’s story. Someone wants you badly and is doing everything to manifest you. YOu are stuck in someone else’s story and you can’t get out.
You know you are stuck in the story if:
You feel stuck, you can’t move.
You feel totally bound. NO matter what you do nothing changes.
There is a lot of pain, suffering and struggles.
You cannot see clearly.
You cannot see the red flags, even though they are slapping you in the face.
Your sense of individuality is gone.
You feel as though you don’t exist.
There is only pain, dysfunction and chaos.
There is a magnetic pull that you cannot get away from.
There is an unfinished business and they want you in thei story.
They know you are good luck charm.
They need your luck and wisdom to heal them.
They know you are loyal and sincere, that you will help them out.
There is strong karma between you. Which needs clearing.
There was a lot of pain, traumas and drama between you, they want your forgiveness and clearing.
They want your love. They want you. You are their happiness.

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