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When Your Ancestors Have Your Back!

Thank You Ancestors.

Your ancestors have your back, they will not let go. If you have been stuck for a while, you were stuck in karma and could not see clearly, they had your back all along.
They were guiding you throughout the thick mist, you could not see your way, but they were there moving you forward, healing the roots, severing ties with the past, healing the ancestral tree so you were broken free of all binds. Beware of your choices, if it feels wrong that means it IS wrong. If you’re being blinded by another force, which is karma, then take your time to feel this through. Karma is strong, if it’s a big story from the past that manifests, then you can be sure you will not see all the elements of this story. You need to take it slowly, but not to worry too much, your friends in spirit realm, your ancestors, your light friends are all helping you to heal, you just cannot see it, you cannot be shamed, humiliated and/or publically lose your reputation, they will NOT allow it, so even if you’re lost, you will come out of this, they are with you. SO, thank your ancestors, light friends, spirit friends, ancestars for your victory. You are free NOW! Go forth and prosper. Thank you!

Forgiveness comes with a caveat! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

Star ones, beware of forgiveness, who and what you're forgiving.
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