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Get Into Your Dark Side!

Some people are going to say light people do not get into their dark side and they would be wrong.
DO get into your dark side and make sure you give as good as they give and a bit more.
Lightwarriors are rising. We cannot be good on this earth, there are many dark forces here conquering souls of the light ones. NO MORE! This is where we rise.
Listen to the podcast.

The Teacher Remains The Teacher! Kiran G – STAR ONES – Freedom From Pain.

The Teacher will always be the teacher, even when the dark student thinks he is the teacher.
  1. The Teacher Remains The Teacher!
  2. Parting Ways!
  3. Dark And Light!
  4. Love, Trust, Honour And Respect!
  5. Apportion Karma!
  6. Giving Yourself Closure!
  7. You Know The Truth!
  8. What's Under Your Skin?
  9. Healing The Past!
  10. Under The Blacksmith's Hammer