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When Trickery And Manipulation Are Used To Defeat Your Purpose!

Beware someone is using trickery and manipulation to take everything away from you. They do that all the time, to others, they are soul – conquerors and that they take free will, power and control away from others.
How to recognise these tricksters: Here are some ways to recignise them.
They are fake, shallow and empty.
They have nothing to offer, but shows up to take, take and take.
You lose energy when around them.

You think about their negativity for a long time.

They have a way of hurting you and you ponder on their voice, talk, intentions all day long.
Nothing you do is good for them. They know better (they are delusional)
They are not as good as you, there is a lot of envy, jealousy and bitterness at how good you are.
They crave your success.
They mimic you, dress like you, talk like you, pretend they are you to others.
They are obsessed with you and want your crown at all cost.
They know a lot about you, whilst you don’t care or want to know much about them, they have studied you.
They want to know more about you and your life.
They do not give compliments to you, they fake it when they see others are giving you compliments and they are around, they give half ass compliments to you, which you know does not have sincerity within it.
They HATE you, no matter what you do. Even if you were to give them the moon on a stick, they will beat you up and find what’s wrong with that.
They are narcissistic and do not have a healthy spiritual body. They are plagued with bad Karma (beware, they want to transfer that to you!)

They go after those who are filled with light, wisdom and spiritual wealth.
They are not successful in any aspect of life, they are not loved, love is never offered to them, they are lost souls, they did not do the inner work, they do not know who they are as they refuse healing, they do not want to see who they really are and what their karma is like.

They are jealous, envious of others’ success.
They take by force, they speak ill of others, they compete, they manipulate what you say to show they are right and you are wrong.
They pass themselves as divine, so you put your guards down and trust them, most likely you do initially and then later, after being stung and bitten, you realise who they really are.
They spew hatred but pretend they are enlightened and working for the common good or on the path of ascension.
They will try to make you look bad with any opportunity. Hold your ground, turn it onto them.
They will take your energy, the way they do that is to make you feel bad, cut you at any opportunity, take your voice away, speak over you, undermine you, make you look bad, prove that you’re wrong (which you aren’t), but for them it’s a game and they want to prove you wrong at all cost.
They hate everything you love, whatever you love, they will tell you loudly how much they “HATE” it.

They will never agree with you.
They will stab you in the back, gossip, bite, curse and send bad energies towards you.
If other love/like you, they will do everything to take that away from you, the manipulation, control will go towards the people who love you/like you a lot, they will take these people’s attention from you.
They work full time to defeat you.
They are lazy, they do not have the energy to put in the hard work.
They have bad karma and transfers it onto their willing victims ( if you’re too good and agrees with them all the time).

They are determined to destroy you and take what you have. If you like something, they hate it and will go out of their way to destroy it so you can’t have it.
They have generational bad karma (bad actions, intentions, deeds).
They are constantly in pain, when they see you thrive they hate you for it.
SAY NO to them and you’ll see they will wriggle and writhe away. Get into your warrior power! They are scared of you and it’s OVER for them.
They are not clever enough, they are dumb!

Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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