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How To Get Out of The Karmic Trap!

If you think you’re in a divine partnership, but you get caught in a karmic trap. Watch out!
Anything divine is just that, peaceful, divine and loving. There are challenges, but this should not harm you in any shape or fashion. If you don’t have that, then, most likely you are in a karmic relationship.

Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
  1. The Finish Line!
  2. What we do not repair, repeats!
  3. Create Greatness From Destructive Pain!
  4. Tribe we're ready! The leaders have risen!
  5. Remember your origin, star one!
  6. Breaking out of karmic hypnotic trances!
  7. Lightwarriors unite, lightworkers unite!
  8. Karmic Trance, Fantasy Bonds and binds!
  9. Transcending Fantasy Bonds!
  10. Love Is Divine, Ready For You!