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Pay Attention To All The Red Flags!

When red flags fill your situation, you know it’s time to leave. Make a list of all the red flags in your situation, the people and those involved. Pay attention, go slow, hold yourself back. Especially if you are going through a heavy karmic lesson.
When karmic lessons show up, we tend to lose ourselves in the story. We relive all the pain, suffering, “reality” of the story when it happened, especially if it happened in a past life. After all, all karmic lessons are from past lives, EVERY karmic lesson is from a past life, we are constantly reliving the past karma, past life stories, when we are catapulted into a past life story, we are all living the past stories again, it feels real, and of course it is real, because time is fluid, time is not linear so we are reliving all of our lives in this one, right here. We meet all the people from the past, we are pushed into reliving all the pain, suffering and lessons, this time around we can elect to change the story, we can change the ending and even give ourselves justice. When there are unfinished business, other parties may feel like they need to take certain action to make the situation right, however, this has to agree with you. Their action, justice may not be what you want. FREE WILL trumps and all is in your hands. You are free to choose the right outcome for you, but remember, if the energy is intense, you may be open to making the wrong choices and decisions. This is the time to ask for clarity, ask for help from your spirit team, from the universe/god/goddess whoever you connect with, ask for the big guns to help, don’t forget your ancestors, because if your legacy and those of the ancestors are going to be affected for lifetimes to come, the ancestors will step in to guide you. They will be tough with you and will push you in the right direction, their decision may feel like it’s not aligning with your heart’s desires (listen to my podcast on the heart versus the mind, below), but it’s a legacy that is at stake, so they will not be kind or nice at times. If you’re stuck, they will come to rescue you, push you out of the bind. You will be free, take it slowly when it comes to intense relationships and karma, because the intensity may take over your gut, your mind, your sanity, your wisdom and awareness. BUT, you are now on the right track, because this communication is to help you make the right decision and release that toxic idea, pattern, plan that you have been formulating in your mind, unmanifest all of it, manifest healthy, stable, grounded, loving, available, mutual respect, light and free relationships in your life.

Reaching the finish line, beingness, peace and love x ✌🏽❤️🦄
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