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Healing Trauma Bonds and Attachment Traumas

If you have been in a draining relationship, or many draining relationships, which you can’t get out of, look at your trauma bonds, over the years, a very abusive (mentally, psychically, emotionally) relationship, can take its toll.
This does not always mean romantic, it can also be platonic as well. If you have been feeling stuck into a sapping relationship, likelihood is, you’re still full of trauma bonds, attachment bonds that needs healing, dissolving.

Closed. Done.
  1. Closure. Done.
  2. TRUST Issues, deception and Betrayals.
  3. Close Never Ending Cycles!
  4. Forgiveness comes with a caveat!
  5. Those who had your back in times of struggle…
  6. War on Consciousness!
  7. Nuggets of Wisdom!
  8. We have great responsibility!
  9. Humanity Is Ravenous!
  10. We Stop Fearing Now!