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Star One, Your Heart Is Healed!

Star One, your heart has been broken for too long, it’s time to heal that ouch and get onto your high horses or unicorns to your next stage of life.
Your heart has been filled with daggers, you trusted the wrong ones, the bad ones, the abusers. But, not anymore, it’s your time to rise and see their demise.
Your ancestors, ancestars are not playing anymore, they mean business. I am happy that you have reached this place within yourself.
It’s time to become whole, Star One!
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Shifting perception of loss, seeing everything as you having gained massively.
  1. Seeing Losses As Gain!
  2. Throw Away The Keys of The Past!
  3. The Human Experience!
  4. Crystalline Plasma Clearing!
  5. DIGGING Deep To Release Part 2
  6. Digging Deep Within!
  7. The Finish Line!
  8. What we do not repair, repeats!
  9. Create Greatness From Destructive Pain!
  10. Tribe we're ready! The leaders have risen!