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Surrender To The Reality of The Situation! Let Go of Control!

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Now, we are going to communicate about something really powerful. When a lesson/challenge shows up and you try to fight it off, deny it, want more from it but it hasn’t got much to offer, apart from tough lessons.
It has a lot of wisdom within it and you have been trying to fight the lessons, you have been trying to control the outcomes, the path and the journey.
Relax, listen to the wisdom of the lesson (this is not for those who are in abusive relationships, this is not an advice to remain where you are, no!) This is more about tough lessons, people and challenges that come your way.
So, if you’re trying to control the events, the people, the situation and the outcome, it’s time to surrender and accept the situation for what it is. I bet you are tired of fighting it, let it show you its intentions, its wisdom and do the inner work so you can release the situation in peace and love. Inject love into the situation, so that everyone involved will feel the love and peace and can also find the right actions and balance.
They can then be free to move on from all the intensity of the situation, then create a new balance for themselves.
So, accept and surrender to the wisdom, heal the situation with your powerful intent and inject love and peace to all involved. Forgive them and yourself. Time to let go of this, completely.
Much love and peace.

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